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Beth Hazelwood

Beth Hazelwood I'm Registered Mark 6413.

Bachelor of Science in Anatomy and Human Biology and Bachelor of Osteopathy

'Having completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Anatomy and Human Biology at the University of Liverpool, I went on to study at the prestigious British School of Osteopathy, now the University College of Osteopathy.


After a rigorous four year training here I spent ten years working at various practices in Sussex with other osteopaths and health care practitioners. Now with a young family I am working solely at the Meads Medical Centre two days a week. I enjoy treating patients from all walks of life from pregnancy through to old age. I ensure I keep my skills and techniques up to current standards with thirty hours of continuing professional development per year.'

“If at any time during your treatment you have a complaint or concern about any aspect of your treatment please let me know as soon as possible via

"A special thank you to Beth for her treatment, her caring ways and getting me moving again without the pain I have suffered for the last 12 months." JAW

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