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A full examination of your posture, spine and muscles will then be made, along with any necessary neurological or orthopaedic tests, that will help me understand your function. We will then discuss your condition and the approach to take to improve it. This will include treatment from me, advice on postural changes at work and at home and a stretching programme.

The prognosis and expected duration of treatment will also be discussed. Relief is often felt on the first treatment but we find that four to six treatments spread over roughly a three month period not only allows us to alleviate the pain but also to return you to good function so any chance of recurrence is reduced. Chronic conditions may need more treatment but we will fully discuss this on your first visit.

Please be aware that you may be asked to dress down to your underwear to allow for a full examination but please do bring a pair of shorts and a vest to your appointment if you would feel more comfortable with that.

First session: 
1 hour £65

Further sessions: 
45 minutes £55

" I had been suffering from dizzy spells and headaches for many years with no relief from medication. During a particularly bad spell, I visited Beth who found the route of the problem and now I feel totally transformed. I am not sure what my neck would do without her! " - KC

"I can highly recommend Beth, she literally keeps me going! Beth is extremely professional and is such a lovely lady who makes you immediately relax and feel at ease, she is very thorough and you never feel rushed. Thank you Beth x" - E

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Risk assessment COVID – 19 as pertaining to osteopathic practice for Beth Hazelwood

Overview of measures taken

Undertaken a risk assessment

On 21/5/20. To be reassessed if further change in government guidance

Heightened cleaning regimes

Plinth and hard surfaces in clinic room will be cleaned with product containing bleach between each patient

Increased protection measures

  • Temperature taken at entrance to the Meads Medical Centre The couch cover will not be used

  • A plastic covered pillow will be used

  • If possible all payments will be contactless via card

  • BH to wear appropriate PPE

Put in place distancing measures

Appointments made with gaps between to allow aeration and social distancing

Patients asked to wait in their car ‘til their appointment time. BH to phone to ask patient up to appointment

Staff training

Knowledge of hand washing technique best practice Undertook course on best practice PPE in osteopathic practice

Protection of staff and patients before they visit and during their visit

Pre-screening for risk before patients visit the clinic

  • Ensure a conversation is had with the patient to determine that a face to face appointment is relevant

  • Screen the patient for any symptoms of COVID 19 eg high temp, new persistent cough or loss of smell/taste in the last 7 days

  • Screen for extremely clinically vulnerable patients

  • Screen for additional respiratory symptoms eg hayfever or asthma

  • Screen to see if a member of their household has had symptoms of COVID 19 or are in a high risk category ie shielded as considered extremely clinically vulnerable

  • Have they been in contact with someome with suspected COVID 19 in the last 14 days

  • Patient to be informed of the risk of face to face consultation and given details of processes on arrival and exit as detailed below

  • Info to be recorded on patients notes


Confirmed case of COVID 19 in BH or patient

  • BH to self isolate for 14 days and to contact patients treated in the last 3 days to advise self isolation

  • If the patient experiences symptoms within two to three days of visiting the clinic any staff with direct contact with that individual should self isolate for 14 days

  • Anyone with indirect contact with that patient should be advised of the situation and suggest they monitor for symptoms

Travel to and from the clinic

  • Clinic has on site parking, patients asked to wait in their car until their appointment time, BH will phone to call in for appointment

  • Patients to wash their hands once on site, BH to make sure there is hand washing technique poster available


Entering and exiting the building

  • Patients temperature will be taken on entering the building

  • BH to change into working clothes once in the clinic room and to put on same clothes when leaving. Work clothes to be placed in a bag and washed at highest temp possible

  • Make sure patients are punctual and do not over use waiting room.

  • Patients to follow guidelines as set down by Meads Medical centre re movement around building


Reception and common areas

  • Remind patients about punctuality

  • Try and use contactless payment in the first instance, bank transfer if not possible


Social/physical distancing measures in place

  • Gaps between appointments to limit patient numbers and contact Patients to comply with Meads Medical Centre guidelines

Face to face consultations in clinic room

  • Patients to come alone if possible

  • For under 16s, request one parent or guardian only

  • No additional family members unless requested as a chaperone

Hygiene Measures

Increased sanitation and cleaning

  • Product containing bleach will be used between each patient on plinth, desk, door handles, chair, taps, card machine etc

  • Remove all unnecessary linen, use plastic pillowcases that can be cleaned between each pt, remove all unnecessary items in the clinic room

  • Only paper couch roll to be used and disposed of as per PPE guidelines between each patient

  • Prop clinic door open when patient due so reducing touch points for patients


Aeration of rooms

  • Close door and open window for 15 minutes between each patient

  • Do not use fans or air circulation mechanisms


Staff hand hygiene measures

  • BH to be bare below the elbow

  • BH to wash hands before and after each patient for 20 seconds including forearms


Respiratory and cough hygiene

  • Consider use of “catch it, bin it, kill it” posters re cough hygiene

  • Provision of disposable, single use tissues

  • Waste bins foot operated

Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Clinicians will wear the following PPE

  • Single use nitrile gloves and plastic aprons with each patient

  • Fluid resistant surgical mask

When will PPE be replaced

  • When potentially contaminated, damaged, damp or difficult to breathe through

  • At the end of the morning session and afternoon session


Patients will be asked to wear the following PPE

  • Fluid resistant surgical masks if they have respiratory symptoms eg hay fever or asthma

PPE disposal

  • BH to put in foot pedal bin as appropriate and Meads to dispose

  • Couch roll, Cloths and cleaning wipes also bagged and disposed of

Communicating with patients

Publishing and informing of updated clinic policy

  • Print out and make available when patient visit

  • Offer to email to patient as part of pre screen

  • Consider placing on website


Pre appointment screening calls

  • BH to phone 24-48 hours before scheduled appointment and ask screening questions as detailed above


Other patient communication

  • Ask patients to contact BH if develop symtpoms of COVID 19

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